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Global Exergy is a rapidly expanding international Oil &Gas company that operates across the value chain and throughout Europe, Africa and beyond. Our core business is the exploration and production of oil and natural gas, electricity production power plants, infrastructure projects in electricity.


Exploring for Oil and Natural Gas

GEX & Oil & Gas Exploration area
100 %
East Africa
65 %
North Africa
20 %
West Africa
15 %


Global Exergy helped pioneer advanced drilling technologies. Horizontal drilling is a new norm in our industry. Horizontal drilling now allows us to tap into pockets of natural gas reserves trapped in underground shale beds. Conventional vertical drilling techniques have been unable to recover these reserves effectively or economically, but newer horizontal drilling technology allows us to recover much more natural gas from fewer wells, saving time, energy and money.


Ensuring Sustainable Growth and Value

Our services

  • Offshore
    Supreme Skill Global Exergy has supreme capacity and capability in all type of floaters: • Ultra-Deepwater • Harsh-Environment • Deepwater…
  • Onshore
    Land Drilling Global Exergy is a leading land and offshore drilling company with more than 4,000 drilling and maintenance personnel…
  • pipeline
    Pipeline Global Exergy Pipe Line Company, a subsidiary of Global Exergy Ltd, serves the petroleum and petrochemical industries with facilities…
  • RL Tankers
    Supplying energy to industries We will continue to meet the diverse needs of our time through rail transport. We supply…
  • RD Tankers
    Trucks While most of the world's oil and natural gas move by pipeline and tanker, trucks still play an important…
  • refining
    Refining Our global refining system manufactures fuels and other products sold by our marketing, lubricants, and supply and trading organizations…
  • Downstream
    Supply and trading we supply the best products to the right locations at the right times Global Exergy Supply and…
  • power generation
    Global Exergy power Provides new products and services in an ever-changing energy marketplace, and invests in and partners with technology…
    Communities We put people at the heart of everything we do. At Global Exergy, we rely on the power of…
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Corporate Values

At Global Exergy, our workforces share a set of principles that shape how we do business every day. Our core values set mutual bearing on how to make decisions with a sense of satisfaction and leadership. We recognize that it is not only what we succeed, but how we succeed it that truly makes us proud of our triumphs.We believe our core values develop a culture based on high standards and expectations. We feel empowered to challenge the norms and seize new opportunities while working towards our corporate vision.

Global Exergy is a proud, diverse energy company, whose people are committed to building a bright future for all people, unified by our core values.

Open Communication

Fostering an environment where information moves freely in a timely manner.


Holding ourselves responsible for our actions and performance.


Relentless commitment to protecting ourselves, our colleagues and our community.

Honesty and Trust

Being sincere in everything we say and do.


Sharing our ideas in an open and supportive manner to achieve excellence.

Respect and Dignity

Appreciating the individuality of others by our words and actions.


Empowering individuals to help guide and inspire others.

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