Circulating Fluidised Bed Technologies


Achieve the performance, reliability and efficiency you demand by partnering with Global Exergy, a recognised leader and pioneer of CFB technologies. Refinement and Innovation in Circulating Fluidised Bed Boiler Technology.When fuel quality and range are critical to your project’s viability you can depend on our advanced Circulating Fluidised Bed (CFB) boiler technology. Constant refinement and innovation means you benefit from a product which can deliver the critical reliability and environmental performance you need. CFB technology is a part of our heritage; as a trusted name in the deployment of high efficiency boilers with integrated Fluidised Bed Heat Exchanger (FBHE) systems, we have a proven track record of up to almost 300MWe (~700MWth) with the capability to offer designs up to 5000MW. Our focus on constant refinement and innovation in our products has allowed us to develop a design that is more compact and minimises boiler footprint. Coupled with our parametric design process we can offer superlative value regardless of your application. At the heart of cleaner, highly efficient power generation at your facility, our proven CFB process delivers ‘best in class’ emissions performance. Utilising limestone furnace addition ensures that more than 90% of sulphur dioxide (SO2) emissions are captured and thanks to low, multi-stage combustion at temperatures of 850°C, we minimise thermal NOx formation and deliver remarkable NOx emission performance.

Our CFBs provide a range of further benefits

1) Product applications for a wide range of solid and liquid fuels including coals, lignites, biomasses,refinery by-products, slurries, etc.

2) Carbon burn-out of 98-99% depending on fuel type.

3) Partial load operation as low as 40%, with a rate of load change of up to 3-7% per minute dependent upon your needs.

4) Optimised for conventional sub-critical steam, supercritical and Combined Heat and Power (CHP) applications.

We continue to deliver a range of innovations to maximise availability, reliability, efficiency and minimise emissions. Our integrated Fluidised Bed Heat Exchanger (FBHE) is just one of our key innovations delivering more effective heat transfer from hot ash to steam allowing for the optimal operating conditions that result in high efficiency. Coupled with our Spiess valve technology for reliable ash flow control such innovations also bring enhanced availability. Our developments continue to focus on improving value with performance be that through water cooled cyclones with compact geometries to developing the next generation CFB at higher supercritical steam conditions. With over 100 CFB plants in operation globally our clients have placed their trust in Global Exergy to continue to deliver product improvements that add value to their power generation and steam production CFB.


More about our CFB technology applications efficient CFB performance across fuels.We understand that performance is a critical factor in your choice of CFB technology especially where fuel quality and power availability are an issue.Our CFB reputation was founded on delivering efficient combustion across a wide range of fuel types even the most demanding. We provide unrivalled expertise in fuels with variable combustion properties, including those with low calorific values, high moisture, high ash content or lower ash melting temperatures.

We can help you achieve reliable and efficient power generation for challenging fuels such as:

1) High moisture/low calorific lignite (right down to 1000 kcal/kg).

2) High ash coals, including lignite and bituminous.

3) Low volatile coals, such as anthracite and petcoke.

4) High sulphur coals.

5) Co-firing biomass applications.

Our bespoke systems have been painstakingly developed to overcome the inherent problems associated with lower quality fuels, where efficient temperature control is the pre-requisite for combustion. Our unique, robust and reliable system of Fluidised Bed Heat Exchanger (FBHE) combined with the hot ash extraction system, called Spiess valve:

1) Ensures safe temperature control for efficient combustion.

2) Ensures in-situ desulphurisation control.

3) Avoids blockage associated with low melting ashes.

In addition, high efficiency cyclones support efficient burn out and heat transfer in the combustor to produce steam efficiently.

Cost Effective and Cleaner CFB Solutions

Deliver on your business and environmental objectives with our cost-effective CFB solutions, featuring best-in-class emissions control. Compared to other processes like pulverised coal combustion, our CFB technology is inherently cost effective because:

1) In most cases, external SOx / NOx emissions control is not required.

2) We focus on an economical, compact design.

3) We have standardised materials and a highly efficient supply chain.

You leverage a cost-competitive solution while achieving the performance, reliability and efficiency you expect from one of the world's foremost CFB technology providers.

We also assure environmental performance through our integrated emission control, which delivers:

1) High- efficient sulphur dioxide (SO2) capture by adding limestone to the CFB process and.

2)An efficiently controlled combustion process suppressing formation of thermal NOx removes the need for separate external flue gas desulphurisation
and DeNOx across a wide range of fuels while still complying with EU emission regulations.

3) A cleaner carbon footprint through biomass co-combustion or main combustion capabilities.


Find out more about our latest projects. Creating cost-effective solutions for sustainable energy Working alongside with African countries and EPC contractor for GEX Power Plant Global Exergy provided extended Engineering for two 300 MWe lignite-based CFB Boiler Islands at the plant in East Africa. Designed to process local lignite for the power generation of the plant, our CFB Boiler technology ensures economic and clean operation for owner GEX, and work to reduce both cost and environmental impact. Due to the high ash, sulphur and moisture values of local lignite, the design process was challenging. By applying our proprietary CFB Boiler related technologies — proven to handle difficult fuels — reliable and sustainable power generation can be achieved without loss of quality.

Leveraging the full power of Global Exergy

Working with our GEX partners, Global Exergy is delivering cutting-edge CFB and flue gas cleaning (FGC) technology at the Power Station in Africa. Carried out for operator, Global Exergy Management, our work forms part of a comprehensive coal-to-biomass conversion and turbine upgrade for the coal-fired station, awarded to Global Exergy Power Systems in 2012.

This project takes advantage of the range of expertise within the GEX Group

1) Global Exergy: performing CFB boiler conversion and delivering a flue gas cleaning system.

2) Global Exergy: managing turbine renovation.

3) Global Exergy: providing technology for boiler upgrades and plant lifetime extension up to 20 years.

Global Exergy integrated approach provides Africa with a wide spectrum of technical and project management services, ensuring all solutions come from a single trusted source. The efficiency of this approach contributes to African commitment to clean, high-performance energy production, and is expected to reduce their CO2 balance by 600,000 tons per year.

Powering solutions with challenging fuels

Global Exergy successfully designed, supplied, constructed and commissioned the CFB-based Boiler Island for the biomass-fired (anthracite and anthracite sludge) 210MWe Power Plant.The design was based on a CFB Boiler already in operation in Africa: a 110 MWe capacity plant in the East Africa. The compact CFB design incorporated water cooled, integrated fluidised bed heat exchangers and seal pots. Despite the existing model, the East African plant design was complicated by the need to support the 100MWe higher capacity as well as the challenging combustion properties of the low reactive fuel used. Featuring our CFB boiler design, the East African plant can now not only use local anthracite but also dried anthracite sludge (culm), which would otherwise be dumped – a positive contribution to a sustainable conservation of resources. If you are interested in more technically detailed information please contact Global Exergy at