Control Systems


Control Systems

With the increased deployment of subsea production systems, there is concern that the Master Control System for subsea production is too disconnected from the topside Distributed Control System. Severe communications issues exist between dissimilar – and sometimes proprietary – systems. Under these circumstances, alarms could be missed, and safety becomes an issue. A number of oil company representatives have expressed their desire to have unified topside and subsea controls with a single human/machine interface for control of all assets, whether above or below the surface of the ocean.


With Global Exergy automation system in place as the DCS on production platforms integrating control of subsea equipment is not difficult. By standardizing on well-proven communication protocols and automating configuration of the subsea production system in the DCS, Global Exergy achieves a seamless interface to – and even full integration of the Master Control System. This approach also offers the advantage of the built-in redundancy and reliability for control of the subsea production system. Communications are faster and more reliable, providing access to all data generated by the subsea equipment.