Fiscal Measurement

Fiscal Measurement

Oil and gas fiscal measurement accuracy for allocation and custody transfer depends on many factors including measurement technology, fluid quality, rate of production, process complexity, and system maintenance. Regardless of these challenges, the burden exists to ensure the accurate measurement of these royalty-bearing volumes of oil and gas. A correct fiscal measurement system not only supports compliance, but helps maximize overall fluid production and movement efficiency.

What If we could

1. Achieve best-possible measurement system accuracy and reliability to assure commercial and
regulatory compliance.

2. Optimize system performance and control cost in challenging conditions.

3. Ensure your system was highly efficient over the course of its life and reduce ownership costs.


Global Exergy standardized solutions increase the overall reliability of allocation and custody transfer points throughout your operation. By applying best practices, expert application knowledge, and world-leading technology, GEX can help you reduce risk and improve operational performance with best-in-class technologies and services.