Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO)

Losses you incur as a result of unplanned shutdowns and unforeseen process constraints such as equipment failure, corrosion, or erosion can render operations incapable of meeting the production goals. Implementing condition monitoring of critical equipment may prevent some failures and unplanned shutdowns, however, the additional instrumentation this requires may actually increase the total maintenance load, rather than decrease it. Increased routine maintenance means additional helicopter trips and increased risk of human errors. And while improving the production uptime is important, the safety of your staff, FPSO, and the environment is more important.


Machinery health and Essential Asset Monitoring solutions combined with our Asset Performance Management software allow to change the maintenance processes from periodic or reactive to predictive and condition based. This can help prioritize safety and cost-critical maintenance activities while avoiding unnecessary maintenance to fully functional, non-essential equipment. Thus, we will be able to improve the operating efficiency and at the same time--reduce the total maintenance cost and associated risk.