Heavy oil

At Global Exergy we apply our heavy oil technologies, we aim to recover billions of barrels already discovered, yet historically beyond reach. After 25 years of pioneering in the field, our investment in advanced processing technologies has dramatically increased recoverable reserves.


We at Global Exergy developing new technologies to tap into the oil that lies deep beneath the ocean floor. In promising locations worldwide, we navigate uncertain weather conditions, frigid water and crushing pressure to conduct Deepwater drilling and seismic activities and maintain our strong position in the world’s key oil-producing areas.

Natural gas

A cleaner-burning and efficient energy source, natural gas now accounts for about 22 percent of the world’s energy supply. And with natural gas resources on six continents, we are well positioned to meet escalating demand.


The world has enormous quantities of natural gas, but much of it is in areas far from where the gas is needed. We’re invested in every aspect of the production and safe transportation of liquefied natural gas so that it can reach the world’s fastest-growing markets.


For more than 25 years, GEX has been developing some of the world’s most complex crude oil fields. Our extensive project portfolio provides the foundation for future growth.

Shale-Tight resources

Natural gas and crude oil from Shale & Tight rock are changing the global energy supply landscape. We’re developing new resources in Shale-Tight formations in Africa, Europe.