Our Brands


Innovation, quality, reliability, service and trust have made Global Exergy a key player in aviation fuels for 25 years.

Commercial and General Aviation

Global Exergy supplies jet fuels that meet or exceed stringent requirements for worldwide fuel handling and product standards set by industry and government groups, including the American Society of Testing and Materials, the Coordinating Research Council, Global Exergy supplies jet fuels and aviation gasoline to the general aviation industry through resellers. Aviation product sales are supported by worldwide teams that provide marketing decision analysis and application support.


Global Exergy additive, which cleans, restores and protects your engine’s performance.

GEX Diesel

GEX Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel fuel meets federal and state fuel regulations and can be used in all cars that run on traditional diesel fuel, including next-generation, ultra-clean diesel engines.


GEX brands are recognized worldwide for their quality, performance and technology. Their lubricant products are used daily in passenger vehicles, trucks, buses and industrial machinery.

Base oils

GEX has revolutionized base oil quality. The purity and oxidation stability of our premium base oils enable lubricant blenders to cut formulating costs while meeting stringent specifications for cleaner-burning engines.


GEX sells quality additives that improve the performance of lubricants and fuels. Our lubricant additives are blended into refined base oils to produce finished lubricants used in cars, trucks, buses, ships, tractors, locomotives, motorcycles, and a variety of industrial equipment. Lubricant additives made by GEX dissolve deposits, inhibit corrosion, control oxidation, and reduce friction and wear. Improved engine performance results in fewer emissions and less impact on the environment. Our products use the latest technology and research to help maximize the reliability, efficiency and lifespan of engines.


GEX is a leading supplier of marine lubricants and fuels worldwide. We offer a complete range of high-quality products and reliable delivery. All our fuels meet stringent quality specifications. Our online lubricant ordering system, enables around-the-clock ordering, real-time order tracking, and electronic documentation to improve communication between customer and supplier

Base oils & process oils

Formulated to meet some of the world’s toughest industry standards, GEX base and process oils are known for their quality, reliability and performance.

Base Oils

GEX catalyst has revolutionized base oil quality. Because of their purity and oxidation stability, GEX premium base oils enable blenders to cut formulating costs while meeting stringent specifications for cleaner-burning engines.