Global Exergy

Is a rapidly expanding international oil & gas that operates across the value chain and throughout Europe, Africa and beyond.

Our core business is the exploration and production of oil and natural gas, electricity production power plants, infrastructure projects in electricity, using the most advanced technologies and scientific techniques available. We are also a major trader and supplier of crude oil, natural gas and refined petroleum products. With world-class employees and contractors, Global Exergy is one of the most experienced and dynamic energy companies in Europe and Africa. We are expanding into new markets and new territories, rapidly growing the company as we pursue our commitment to becoming an industry leader.

Global Exergy maintains strategic partnerships with sovereign entities and multinational clientele in all aspects of our business, including trading petroleum or petroleum products on the global market and aligning with international oil and gas companies in our exploration and production activities. We operate at all times with integrity and total commitment as we strive to become one of the world`s premier independent international energy company.