Oil and Natural Gas


Drilling & Work Over

OIL currently operates 12 drilling rigs, besides charter hiring drilling rigs based on operational requirement.
To minimise land acquisition time, GEX has resorted to cluster well drilling to develop its oil and gas fields, which has resulted in protection of green belts surrounding GEX operational areas.
GEX all round excellence in performance is attributed in part to efficient well drilling by the rig building team and proper maintenance of equipment at the company's well-equipped Workshop, which has achieved a peak performance level.

Wireline Logging Services

The process of recording formation parameters against depth for locating reservoirs, their contents and the ability to produce oil, gas or water after interpretation is known as Well Logging.
The GEX now provides around 75% of the total logging requirements. The balance 25% is supplemented by service contractors since the GEX has not invested in specialised logging equipment, which is extremely expensive and not cost-effective. Log interpretation, which was earlier outsourced, is now executed by GEX personnel. The workstation and software, procured from Schlumberger Energy Services, for log interpretation.
The GEX has constantly stretched its manpower and equipment to their limits to serve internal projects. In the onshore Exploration Project, it provided the entire logging services wells.
The GEX currently provides self-designed, essential logging services as desired by the management. However, specialised logging services such as those for offshore, horizontal and multilateral wells will be outsourced in the future as well.

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