Our capability and persistent emphasis on investigating and developing front-line thermal energy technologies makes us your complete partner.

Asset Support

Our disciplinary knowledge combines asset integrity engineers, metallurgists and Non-Destructive Evaluation specialists, with abilities in the thermal power sector.We draw upon a valuable convention of knowledge and professional experience, with advanced approaches to venture management and quality, and the obligation to research and development that you would expect from outstanding service provider.

Our Approach

Global Exergy provides tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of our customers, ranging from general asset support services to personalised engineered solutions.

Our specialist capabilities include:

1. Progression and distribution of sophisticated and innovative Technical and Engineering. consultancy solutions.
2. Producing and Assemblage.
3. OEM Pressure Parts and Spares.

Our disciplinary skill includes asset integrity engineers, metallurgists and Non-Destructive Appraisal experts, with abilities in the thermal power area covering:

1. Asset Integrity Management.
2. Plant Condition Assessment.
3. Run, Repair, Replace expertise.
4. Vibration, Noise and Fatigue Assessment.
5. Plant monitoring.
6. Metallurgical Services.
7. Specialist Non-Destructive Testing.
8. Fitness for Service Assessment.
9. Specialist Weld Repair Solutions.

Our partner’s works closely with our Technical teams in Engineering, Metallurgy and Welding Services. Working with a variety of materials, and supply boiler components such as:

1. Water wall panels.
2. Elements.
3. Headers.
4. Piping.

Combined with our expert technical expertise in obtaining and QA, our Pressure Part Spares team can deliver substitute or upgraded Pressure Parts for Thermal plant within any industry

Biomass Co-firing and Conversion

Take your environmental compliance obligations one step further with an efficient and cost-effective new or retrofitted biomass co-firing system, backed by our recognized large-scale Engineering, Procurement and Construction capabilities.
Our biomass burners and co-firing solutions quality innovations low Nitrogen Oxide design, allowing you to produce ever more efficient renewable energy.

Comprehensive Biomass Solutions

To achieve your green aims you need a biomass facility that runs at top levels for the fuel mix available. Our penetration of experience and obligation to invention means we can tailor the perfect solution every time.

We propose a full line up of biomass technologies that insert easily into your existing plant. We can provide:

1. Fuel management and refining.
2. A range of functions covering low to high level co-firing and full conversion.
3. Dedicated burners and combustion systems.
4. Direct and indirect flexible fuel systems.
5. Heating surface conversion, optimised for fuel type.
6. Boiler performance and condition assessments.
7. Air quality control systems assessments.
8. Integrated steam turbine retrofitting to optimise performance.

Our Equipment status ensures smooth integration paths and maximum continuity. Add Global Exergy world-class care throughout the lifetime of your facility and the result is a highly efficient green energy plant.

Combustion Systems

Deliver on your environmental, efficiency and operational goals with our precision combustion systems for cleaner, greener Nitrogen Oxide reduction. From combustion system trouble shooting and optimisation to a full Engineering, Procurement and Construction NOx reduction capability, you can trust in our experience and global capabilities.

The Driving Force behind NOx Reduction

Building on more than 10 years of combustion experience and continual investment in firing technology, we deliver cutting edge combustion based NOx control technology for your plant.

Optimised for NOx control without compromising output and efficiency our firing range includes:
1. Low NOx Burners and Advanced Low NOx Burners.
2. Overfire Air and Boosted Overfire Air.

Our fully integrated NOx reduction solutions also include post-combustion/secondary NOx control technologies, designed and implemented to work seamlessly with your primary combustion based NOx control.

We bring the reassurance of a global strength in combustion technologies, having delivered more than 45GW of low NOx burners around the world.
By providing 15GW of Large Combustion Plants Directive Phase 1 compliance technology across the UK and Europe, we also have the rock solid experience
to help you meet your environmental objectives.

Comprehensive Combustion Solutions

Whether you are looking for a combustion system conversion or a fully integrated EPC NOx reduction system - harnessing combustion-based and post-combustion NOx control technologies - we can support you all the way.

Our combustion solutions are characterised by:

1. Fuel flexibility and strong performance across different fuel types in line with your fuel needs.
2. A one shop conversion partner, from design and planning to installation and through-life support.
3. Integrated milling, fuel handling and distribution capabilities.
4. A trusted partner for combustion trouble shooting and expert repairs.

Boiler Retrofit and Upgrades

With a choice of firing technologies and fuels, subcritical or supercritical systems, and unit sizes from 100MW to 660MW and above, we deliver comprehensive, flexible and cost-effective fitting and upgrade services that are designed around you.

Retrofitting for the Future

With our integrated Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services, the future of your power production facility is in safe hands. We retrofit and upgrade entire systems with complete boiler solutions that maximize the most readily-available fuels, lower costs and decrease emissions.
Retrofit services include:

1. Boiler upgrades for efficiency and operational improvements.
2. Biomass co-firing and conversion.
3. Combustion systems for primary Nitrogen Oxide control or change of fuel.
4. Secondary NOX control.
5. Major integrated projects including Carbon Capture & Storage.

Best-in-class New Boiler Technology

Our latest subcritical and supercritical boiler systems drive cleaner, more-efficient power generation in a range of comprehensive unit sizes to fit your needs. They operate on the entire spectrum of fuels, from hard coal to lignite and biomass.We develop and manufacture with our partners the latest two-pass, tower and supercritical steam generation solutions. Our advanced two-pass platen design is optimised for lower emissions and reduced running costs, and is available as both subcritical and supercritical steam generation units.Designed to work at supercritical pressures, our once-through supercritical steam generator tower systems deliver cleaner, more efficient power across all coal types, including wet and dry lignite, setting the standard in advanced, supercritical steam generation. We also offer the posiflow system, which significantly reduces pressure loss in once-through supercritical steam generators.

Efficient Boiler Upgrades and Refits

We upgrade and refit boilers to extend their lifetime and improve efficiency. Services include:

1. Pressure part modifications.
2. Fuel conversions.
3. Power uprates.
4. Heating surface slag prevention.
5. Turbine cylinder upgrades and associated boiler modifications.
6. Improved flexibility and load change rates.

Secondary NOx Control

Optimise your Nitrogen Oxide reduction and emission control with our fully integrated range of post-combustion/secondary NOx control solutions.

Technology You Can Trust

Our pedigree in developing post combustion NOx control solutions, including Original Equipment Manufacturer Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction and Selective Catalytic Reduction technologies, means you are in capable hands. With 36GW of SCR experience, including the first full SCR retrofit in the UK, we can advise, design, implement and integrate in line with your precise needs for NOx control.This includes integration with primary combustion based NOx control, such as low NOx burners and Boosted Overfire Air, and boiler retrofits and upgrades.

Our comprehensive range of secondary NOx control technologies spans:

Selective non-catalytic reduction
Selective catalytic reduction

1. Full SCR
2. Optimised SCR
3. Hybrid SNCR/SCR