Waste to Energy

Waste to Energy Benefits
Leading the Way in Waste-to-Energy

Innovation, dedication and a world-class reputation in Waste-to-Energy solutions means you can trust Global Exergy to deliver on all your Waste to Energy needs. From our roots as technological pioneers, you benefit from decades of WTE knowledge and experience, encompassing global projects.

Advanced, Efficient, Cost-effective WTE Solutions

We foster a true spirit of innovation, with constant research and refinement to bring you the best WTE solutions:

1) Grate Combustion Systems

2) Steam generator

3) Flue Gas Cleaning

4) Water steam cycles with turbo generators

5) Residue Treatment

Our high efficiency energy recovery process ensures you can use up to 80% of the energy contained in waste to export electricity and heat to your customers. This creates an economical, reliable and sustainable energy source that is flexible whether you are looking to supply electric power or district heating, or to power an industrial process.

Waste to Energy Partner

By combining engineering excellence with the best people, we provide solutions for individual WTE sections through to complete chute to stack and turnkey programmes.

1) Exacting design and engineering

2) Expert construction and commissioning

3) Full lifecycle care

An Integrated WTE Solution for Modern Society

WTE forms part of an integrated solution to managing waste in modern society that involves effective waste prevention, collection and sorting, and optimum recycling.

1) Offers a green, carbon-neutral, renewable and sustainable energy source

2) Produces minimal emissions usually well below the European directive

3) Is clean and efficient, producing the highest energy and maximum reduction in pollutants

4) Turns non-recyclable waste into a source of energy or heat

5) Turns incombustible residue from the WTE process into practical uses

6) Has a flexible and modular design for all solutions, from towns to megacities

Tailored Grate Combustion Systems

Benefit from the most advanced thermal waste treatment available, using our proven grate combustion technology. We design and build to your individual requirements, helping select the ideal grate system for the make-up of your waste content.

1) Reciprocating grate

2) Counter-reciprocating grate

3) Roller grate

A choice of air or water-cooled grates, tailor-made combustion chamber design, and optimised steam parameters deliver the highest levels of performance and reliability you demand.

Grate combustion leads the way as the most reliable, environmentally friendly, flexible and cost-effective thermal waste treatment technology. Our global experience in grate combustion technology, combined with constant research and development, provides you with a best in class solution.

The Benefits of Grate Combustion

1) Unbeatable flexibility when it comes to fuel consistency and quality. Achieve reliable burnout of
waste across the entire calorific value range from 6.0 to 18 MJ/kg

2) Rugged construction enables domestic and commercial waste to be burned without extensive pre-treatment

3) Adjustable reciprocating grate velocities in the three sections of the grate optimise the stoking
action for perfect bottom ash quality

4) The choice of a water-cooled grate for low wear and tear and a high thermal load-bearing capacity
of up to 1MW/m2. Ideal for the incineration of high-calorific waste such as solid recovered fuel

5) Tailored configuration of the combustion chamber to suit the moisture content, calorific value and
volume of your waste

6) An advanced roller grate design featuring six or seven graded cylindrical rollers, which are individually regulated to adapt to different waste
incineration behaviours. Constant air cooling of the roller surfaces ensures even higher calorific waste is handled with ease

Flue Gas Cleaning

Deliver on your environmental and emission objectives with our trusted Global Exergy flue gas cleaning (FGC) solution, using proven fluidised bed technology.Global Exergy advanced technology has been designed around the exacting demands of your WTE plant. Our processes have been developed to meet stringent emissions requirements and provide you with a robust and environmentally sound solution.Global Exergy forms part of our comprehensive range of world-class air pollution control (APC) solutions, encompassing dry and wet processes, together with fully integrated dedusting electrostatic precipitators (ESPs) and fabric filters.

Global Exergy for WTE Delivers a Range of Benefits

1) A compact, high performance and cost-effective reactor design, featuring no rotating or wearing
parts, reduces investment costs and minimises your maintenance expenditure

2) High flexibility to handle varying pollutant concentrations effectively, including sulphur dioxide,
hydrogen chloride and hydrogenfluoride.

3) An advanced process that minimises material consumption, water use and residues

4) A simple, reliable process that meets all emission control and regulatory requirements

How WTE Works

Pollutants are effectively eliminated thanks to a fluidised bed reactor combined with a downstream fabric filter for particulate separation.

1-Fresh additives enter the fluidised bed reactor, where hydrated lime is used to absorb acid pollutant and powdered activated carbon to adsorb heavy metals, as well as poly-chlorinated hydrocarbons such as dioxins and furanes.

2-The bulk of the solid material is then re-circulated from the fabric filter to the fluidised bed, maximising the use of the additives

3-Water is injected to boost the absorption performance and to control the flue gas temperature

Residue Treatment

Our effective residue treatment processes help you to recover recycling materials or stabilise residues left over from the WTE process.
We deploy a number of integrated processes to transform residues, including:

1) Bottom ash treatment for the recovery of ferrous and non-ferrous metals

2) Solidification of residues

3) Waste-water treatment

Materials produced from the bottom ash treatment process whether they are metals for recycling or inert material for construction and landscape design help avoid disposal costs and generate additional profit from your WTE operation.